Hank and Marie react to Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance (idea credit).


people are finally appreciating the true angel lady gaga is 



Also, I felt a responsibility to Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal Lecter is not a Bryan Fuller character. It’s a Thomas Harris character, so I had to respect that I was raising somebody else’s child and not force my own ideals on them and let them be who they were intended to be by the person who created them. Does that make sense?” - Bryan Fuller

*stares long and hard at moffat*

"Would you just, for once, stop working me? Can you just stop working me for like 10 seconds straight? Stop jerking me around? … Alright? Just stop the whole ‘concerned dad’ thing and tell me the truth? I mean you’re acting like me leaving town is all about me and turning over a new leaf but it’s really about you! I mean you need me gone, ‘cause your dickhead brother-in-law is never going to let up. Just say so! Just ask me for a favour! Just tell me you don’t give a shit about me, and it’s either this- it’s either this or you’ll kill me the same way you killed Mike. I mean isn’t that what this is all about? Us meeting way the hell out here? In case I say ‘no’? C’mon! Just tell me you need this!”

Peggy Olson ⇒ Season 5




And if you’re still up at 4 a.m.,

you are in love or lonely,

and I don’t know which one is worse.


im looking up dragon ball z trivia